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Music in terms of Club Penguin, may be defined as any song, melody or sound effects present through in game. It has always been present and is a fundamental component of Club Penguin.


There are various types of music that are played in most areas of Club Penguin. Most rooms always have music, such as the Pizza Parlor, while during parties, rooms have different music for them. Igloos and Games have music as well. Most pieces of music last for about 30-50 seconds, and are looped (repeated).

Music SWF

Club Penguin's music files start with and end with a number and .swf.

  • The 1-43 numbers are for normal rooms.
  • The 100-125 numbers are for mini-games.
  • The 200 and higher numbers are for parties.*

* Note that as of 2012 this system is no longer used and all music such as party and room music are added to ids 200+. Game music is now added to each games files instead of the above system. Additionally, some igloo music is placed in some of the ids mentioned above as of 2015.

Real Life Songs

In 2012, Club Penguin started making real songs, for the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, Halloween Party 2012, Holiday Party 2012, Puffle Party 2013, Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam and 8th Anniversary Party. These songs last for about two or three minutes and are posted as Club Penguin Shorts on their YouTube channel. They include:

  • The Party Starts Now
  • Anchors Aweigh
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
  • Cool In The Cold
  • Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)
  • Party in my Iggy
  • It's your Birthday!
  • Best Day Ever
  • It's Gonna Be Epic

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