The original Lodge Attic.

The Lodge Attic was a room in west Club Penguin. It was the second floor of the Ski Lodge. It opened in February 2006 due to the popularity of Find Four in the Ski Lodge and closed on March 30th 2017, along with the rest of the island.

New Lodge Attic

The renovated Lodge Attic


  • The original music was a remix of the Ice Fishing music with fire cracking and wind blowing noises in the background.
  • It was renovated on March 18th 2015 along with the Ski Lodge, with a number of "island relics" such as pictures, books and a Box Dimension portal added to it. The music was also replaced with a western music mix.
  • After renovation, the music alternated between the original and new music for a couple of months. However, by June 2015 it became apparent that the new music was permanent.


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