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Night Club Rooftop

The Night Club Rooftop was a room that appeared at multiple Music Jams as an exclusive members-only hangout. It first appeared at the Dance-A-Thon in January of 2009.

Music Jam 2009

Music Jam 2010

Puffle Party 2011

Music Jam 2011

??? Room

The ??? Room was a mysterious room during the Holiday Party 2010 that could be entered through an entrance in the Town.

Casa Fiesta


Villain HQ

Hero Carrier

Monster Room

Dark Chamber

Dark Swamp

Santa's Sleigh

Epic Show


Box Dimension

Desert Dimension

Stair Dimension

A Silly Place

Big Momma's

Big Momma's was a party room in the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. A door in the back led you to a members-only backstage room where you could recieve a free background.

Wizard Laboratory

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