The Ice Rink was a room located in central Club Penguin. It had been on Club Penguin since Beta Testing in August 2005 until its closure on March 30th 2017.


  • Starting in 2008/2009, the Ice Rink would only be present in the winter and spring months of the northern hemisphere, with the Stadium replacing it during summer and autumn.
    • This trend was broken in 2015 and again in 2016 when the Ice Rink returned in September instead of the traditional December.
  • The Snow and Sports catalog was moved here in June 2010 following the destruction of the Sport Shop in the Popcorn Explosion.
  • Although the Stadium was renovated for a second time during the Penguin Cup in 2014, the Ice Rink never received a similar upgrade.
  • The room has sound effects of sports ambiance such as cheers from the audience and frequent whistles.


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