Cave Mine

The original Cave Mine.

The Gold Mine (formerly known as the Cave Mine) is a room in Club Penguin. It first opened during the Cave Expedition in 2010. The most popular thing to do in this room is to dig for coins using the Hard Hat and Jackhammer.

Rock Collapse and Renovation

Gold Mine

The renovated Gold Mine

On November 7th, 2013 a large cave in occurred at the Cave Mine. Both entrances to the Cave Mine at the Mine and the Hidden Lake were covered by rocks and you could not get into the Cave Mine. On November 14th the Cave Mine was reopened as the Gold Mine and given a new look.


  • Following its renovation, gold puffles can be adopted from the Gold Mine, hence giving it its name.
  • It has the same sound effects as the Underground Pool, both from Operation: Puffle.


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