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A Rollback is a user which can quickly revert edits not made in good faith, i.e. vandalism spam etc. Note: all admins and bureaucrats can use the rollback feature as well. Rollback names will appear in brown.

Current Rollbacks

At the moment, there are 0 users on this group. Admins and Patrollers include Rollback rights, but are not listed here.

Rollback name Signature prototype Promotion date Time zone Status

There are currently no rollbacks. There may be some in the future.

Quick Access

For quick access please see below:

There are currently no rollbacks.


It is important that the rollback feature is ONLY used if there is vandalism or spam. Do NOT use for edits you merely disagree with an edit.

Consequences for misusing the rollback feature

  • First Offence will be a warning
  • Second offence will be a last warning
  • Third offence will result in an instant demotion, and the punishment will be discussed by the community
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