At the Club Penguin Wiki, we aim to keep the wiki safe and enjoyable. In order to keep you safe and the wiki safe, we must follow some rules and regulations. So, the wiki made a Privacy Policy, which consists of simple and easy rules to keep you safe from trouble.

You must not...

  • Reveal your age if you're under the age of 13.
  • Reveal your full name. Revealing your first name is acceptable, although it's better to keep it secret or not reveal it at all.
  • Reveal your address no matter what.
  • Reveal your phone number/cellular number.
  • Upload an image of yourself or any other people (such as relatives). (This rule does not affect Wikia Staff/VSTF/Helpers, as they clearly have reasons to do this). Although, any famous person is allowed.
  • Reveal your credit card number or banking information.
  • Reveal any other information that you would not want others to know about.

The results you'll face if you break the rules...

  • Revealing your age if you're under the age of 13 - You will be blocked until you turn 13; however, Wikia staff can disable your account during this period, which we would have no control over.

Some recommendations

  • It's better to follow these rules throughout the internet. Not everyone out there is a nice person. Anyone could use the information to harm you, and this policy is to keep you safe. At the Club Penguin Music Wiki, we try to make your time the most enjoyable it can be, and the last thing we want to see happen is someone getting harmed.
  • If you are under the age of 13, it is against Wikia's Terms of Use and COPPA to create an account on Wikia as well as some other websites. So, please understand that the Club Penguin Music Wiki has no control over accounts disabled by Wikia as a result of breaking this rule.
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