NOTE: This policy is largely obsolete, with many of the policies not reflecting the current situation of the wiki. From now on, policies will NOT be updated, created or deleted unless it is necessary to do so.

The Club Penguin Music Wiki wishes to have a database that is helpful to visitors and safe & easy for editing. In case there is any inappropriate behaviour, we will have to take action and enforce it. This policy lists all the rules of editing on this wiki and the consequences of breaking these rules. If you have any questions, take it to the talk page.

Wikia Policies and Rules

By using this wiki, you agree to Wikia's Terms of Use, Licensing Policy, and any other policies and rules of Wikia.  Breaking these policies and rules may result in a global block which means that you cannot edit any wiki.  We are not responsible for any of these rules, policies, or global blocks. For more information, you may contact Wikia here.


The policy has total control over everything that goes on in the wiki, including votes, nominations, editing, and even promotions. If a user is blocked or has a long blocking history, admins could stop the user from doing certain things such as nominations or being promoted due to not following the policy. Admins can also decide for a user not to be promoted if they are not trustworthy.

The policy was last updated on May 14th 2016.

The 9 NO Policies (Policy Category I)

These are the 9 NOs. Please click on them to view them in detail.

  1. No swearing.
  2. No bullying.
  3. No spamming or negatively changing articles.
  4. No links to inappropriate sites.
  5. No abusing your available powers.
  6. No making fun of other people's race, nationality or gender.
  7. No abusing multiple accounts.
  8. No completely off topic content.
  9. No plagiarism.

Other Policies (Policy Category II)

Finally and most importantly...

  • Have fun editing here!
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