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A Bot is an account that does repetitive tasks automatically. Bots must have the account flagged either as "Bot-global" or "Bot." Unlike most wikis, bureaucrats on this wiki can flag an account as a bot so there is no need to contact Wikia. Bots names will appear in gray.

Current Bots

Bot Name Owner Other Rights

There are currently no Bots.

Requesting Bot Rights

If you would like to run a bot, follow these steps:

  1. Contact a bureaucrat.
  2. Link to your and your bot's contribution pages.
  3. Explain why you would like to run a bot (also say if your bot needs extra rights, see below).
  4. If the bureaucrat thinks you should be allowed to run your bot, he will flag your account as a bot.

Extra Privileges

Active bots may be given higher user access levels for certain tasks. If you need a certain user privilege for running a bot (e.g. deleting pages), please contact a bureaucrat.

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