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This page analyses the music of Club Penguin, between music ids 1 and 43. These are some of the oldest and well known songs in Club Penguin history.


The songs between 1-43 are, for the most part, room music (up to and including 2011). Some exceptions are the two Winter Luau songs, which are party music. Songs 30-43 are for Stage plays, and were occasionally used in parties.

Detailed Analysis

ID Name Description Location(s)
1 Coffee Shop Music The now famous music of the Coffee Shop, played there from 2005 until 2014 when it was given a remix. Also used during several parties and events as well as in the Book Room. No longer present in game. Coffee Shop and Book Room
2 Dance Mix 1 A song featured in Penguin Chat 3, it used to be played as one of the possible songs in the Night Club. No longer present in game. Night Club
3 I've Been Delayed This is the song I've Been Delayed; it was also only present in Penguin Chat 3, where it played in an igloo and possibly the Night Club. This id was deleted and now can only be found in archived files. Igloo
4 None There is no music present in swf file 4. N/A
5 Dance Mix 2 Another Club Penguin classic, this song played in the Night Club from 2005 through to 2014, where it received an updated remix. No longer present in game. Night Club
6 Quiet Night Club A more silent version of the music in the Night Club, that played in the Dance Lounge and Boiler Room; above and below it respectively. It was removed from both rooms in 2014. Arcade and Boiler Room
7 Stealth The music that used to play in the PSA Headquarters and the Command Room. It was removed in 2010 after the HQ was destroyed by the Popcorn Explosion. PSA Headquarters and Command Room
8-9 None No music is present between ids 8 and 9. N/A
10 Winter Luau 1 This Hawaiian music played at the Winter Luau 2006 at the Night Club. Remixed versions have reappeared in later parties, but this file is no longer present in game. Winter Luau 2006
11 Winter Luau 2 Commonly referred to as Hawaii, this song was featured in several parties from the Winter Luau to Operation: Blackout and also had remixes made in later parties. No longer present in game. Winter Luau, Valentine's Day 2006, April Fools 2011, 2012; Operation: Blackout.
12-19 None There are no music files between ids 12 and 19. N/A
20 Charlie's Here This relaxing piano mix was actually bought by Club Penguin off another music company. It is famous for playing in the Pizza Parlor. It was replaced in 2012 with a remix of the Pizzatron 3000 music, before receiving a remixed version of this again in 2014. It occasionally can be found in the Igloo Music playlist. Pizza Parlor, Igloo
21 Dojo Music A soft Asian melody, this song played in the Dojo and Ninja Hideout until 2013, where it was given a remix and the Ninja Hideout closed. No longer present in game. Dojo and Ninja Hideout; Igloo
22 Fire Dojo Music Another piece of music for ninjas, this was found in the Fire Dojo. Once again it received a remix in 2013 and so is no longer present in game Fire Dojo
23 The Command Room This swanky song played in the old EPF Command Room from its inception in 2010 up to and including Operation: Blackout. It also played in the VR Room and appeared on Igloo Music playlists. No longer present in game. EPF Command Room and VR Room
24 The Way of Sensei Yet another Asian melody, it played in the Water Dojo from 2010 to 2013. It was replaced by a remixed version, but sometimes appears on Igloo Music charts. Water Dojo, Igloo Music
25 and 26 None There are no files present in ids 25 and 26. N/A
27 Card Jitsu Water Music It is the music found in Card-Jitsu Water, recently reinstated after a long glitch that prevented it from playing. It is still present in Card-Jitsu Water. Card-Jitsu Water
28 and 29 None There are no files present in ids 28 and 29. N/A
30 Space Adventure The computer sound effects found in the first ever play at the Stage, Space Adventure. Since the Stage was replaced by the Puffle Berry Mall, these sound effects are no longer present in game. Stage
31 The Twelfth Fish This elegant, traditional hymn goes with the play The Twelfth Fish, a parody of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It has had many remixes, and appears on the Nintendo DS games of Club Penguin. No longer present in game.
32 Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal This dramatic theme comes from the play Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. It was present in May 2015, the last play at the Stage before it was replaced. No longer present in game.
33 Team Blue's Rally Debut The anthem of the play Team Blue's Rally Debut. There have been several remixed versions, one of which plays at the Mine Shack. Otherwise, no longer present in game.
34 Quest For the Golden Puffle This theme played at the play Quest For the Golden Puffle, one of the most popular plays in game. No longer present in game.
35 Penguins That Time Forgot This prehistoric mix played in the play The Penguins That Time Forgot. Remixed versions have played in the fair games at The Fairs 2014 and 2015. Otherwise, no longer present in game.
36 Team Blue Rally This rock and roll mix originally played at the Stage for the play Team Blue Rally. It was also present for most Puffle Parties in the Cave as the black puffle domain. No longer present in game. Stage, Puffle Parties 2009-12
37 Ruby and the Ruby This mysterious, saxophone played theme is from the play Ruby and the Ruby. It was only found here and is no longer present in game. Stage
38 Space Adventure Planet Y These computerized sound effects/ soft music are from the play Space Adventure on Planet Y. No longer present in game.
39 Fairy Fables This gentle, medieval theme is from the play Fairy Fables. 'No longer present in game.
40 Awards Music This uplifting and honouring music is from the Penguin Play Awards. It was also reused for the Hollywood Party. No longer present in game. Penguin Play Awards, Hollywood Party
41 Haunting of the Viking Oprea This orchestral hymn is from the play The Haunting of the Viking Oprea. It has appeared in various parties such as the Island Adventure parties and as another play; My Awesome Life by Herbert during Operation: Blackout. While there have been numerous remixes of it, this one is no longer present in game. Stage, various parties
42 Norman Swarm It appeared as part of the play Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed, which included a hidden room. It is no longer present in game. Stage
43 Bamboo Forest This mystical and ninja-related song appeared in the play Secrets of the Bamboo Forest. It is no longer present in game. Stage
44-99 None There are no songs present between ids 44 and 99. N/A


  • The music from ids 1-43 is generally room music, but also can be party music and stage play music.
  • No songs are present from 44-99 (see above for full list).
  • This is the oldest section of Club Penguin's music, last added to in 2011.
  • 1-100 has the least songs of any music section in Club Penguin's files.
  • The majority of music is no longer in use and has been replaced with remixed versions or lost all together.

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